Reporting as a Service

Generating reports in PDF from your systems has never been so easy and cost effective.
No need to provision hardware or acquire costly and complex report generation solutions. Simply:

  1. Use our API to send us your data in JSON or XML
  2. We generate the report and store it safely on Amazon S3
  3. You download it and store it where you want

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Enjoy a 30 days free evaluation period, no credit card required.

Business reports

Easily generate reports from your business data, such as periodic sales, inventory status or legal reporting.


Export your data to PDF documents for a durable and resilient archiving strategy. Retrieve and consult archived data even when your underlying data model has changed.

Big Data results

Publish results from your Hadoop based computations in a friendly and portable way. Send us the results we'll take care of the rest.

Internet of Things

Your connected objects have things to say. Let them send us sensor data, measurements, usage statistics... and we'll turn them into human readable reports.

Report generated from a JSON file with a rich template

Smart layout report generated from a JSON file without any template

Report generated from a XML file with a rich template

Smart layout report generated from a XML file without any template

Smart layout

Designing report templates is a lengthy and costly process in most projects. For reports where the final layout is not that important, such as internal, non customer targeted reports, just don't bother with templates. Smart Layout will dynamically analyze your data at run time, and build a suitable template for you.

Cost effective

Select the plan that best suits your needs. Start small and upgrade if and when needed. No upfront investment, no hidden costs, no strings attached ; just a monthly fee corresponding to the plan you selected.

Cloud Native

FlashReport has been designed from the ground up to operate in a cloud environment. This brings you extreme availability, natural scalability, and modern, secured APIs.

FlashReport in your private Cloud

You want to benefit from the ease of use of FlashReport, but you want to keep your data strictly in your own environment? Regulations prohibit you from sending data in another country? No problem, we can install FlashReport in your data center or private cloud..

Template design

You want nice looking reports, with groups and charts, but you do not know how to design them? We can do it for you! Send us an example of data in JSON or XML, and a sketch of the report you have in mind. We'll get back to you with a fixed price for which we do the design for you. You can then set it up in FlashReport, and have your reports use it.